Zen from Left Bank Pictures Impresses in North America

A post from February recording the BBC’s decision not to recommission this series attracted quite a few comments.  A couple more in the last few days draw my attention to it again.  Zen has been aired in north America by PBS over the summer (with the final episode due on 31 July) and viewers there have found this site and left comments.  Yesterday, Maclean’s magazine in Canada reported on it in an article headed ‘Intelligent viewers have spoken’– the title says it all.

Thanks all for the comments.

Meanwhile, PBS has some new interviews (with Rufus Sewell and Ed Stoppard) to accompany the series, as well as further videos which you can find here.

13 thoughts on “Zen from Left Bank Pictures Impresses in North America

  1. Norman

    Hi Rhian you made it over to the other side. Don’t worry I won’t copy your theme which looks very clean and clear. ;o). I wrote that before I saw the name.

  2. Philip

    Oh, this is very nice, Rhian. Norman’s comment that it is “very crisp and clear” well-expresses my very first impression. Rather more inviting, I might venture, than the old format. Well done you.

  3. FW

    Unfortunately, many of the TV networks, especially in the U.S. drop intelligent TV Series for the rather lifeless, mundane and boring shows. Now it appears that the BBC has chosen to follow suit with Zen as well as others. We hope that another network will pick Zen up. For many viewers, they must have instant gratification rather than watching something that has a story line and they need to watch intently to follow along. Thanks for Zen, a quality series for quality viewers.

  4. jackie

    I loved Zen! I came across the 1st episode that aired in July here in the US by accident – channel surfing and it caught my attention right away. I had already missed the first 30 min and still kept watching. Because of a vacation I missed the 2nd episode but luckily found a co-worker who taped it and treated me to dinner and a show at her homes big screen tv. I made sure I was home for the 3rd episode which made me laugh like crazy. It’s light humor is perfect, especially when Zen told his new boss where he could go and then the desk collaspsed under him because Zen & Tania had sex on it the night before and broke it. I WANT KNOW MORE!!! Does Tania comes back to him, does he stay chief and I want to see more of Italy! What a great location for murder , passion & intrigue. I grew up watching Hercule Poirot/Miss Marple episodes and love them, but I don’t care for the more modern detectives series. This one is a keeper. I probably will ask for the DVD of Zen for my birthday present. Please reconsider re-newing it.

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