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Jake Needham’s Asian thrillers hit the UK

JNTAW If you are travelling in the UK at the moment, you might want to pop into your station’s/airport’s WHSmith travel outlet to see what they have on offer in their books section.  There you should find two novels from author Jake Needham in a promotion: The Ambassador’s Wife and The Big Mango.

To date, you may not have heard of Jake Needham and here’s why.  Born in America where he qualified as a lawyer, Needham has practised law and lived in Asia for more than thirty years.  That’s where his novels are set and that’s where his publisher, Marshall Cavendish is based.  However, since July 15, Marshall Cavendish has made these novels available in the UK.

Following his work in the legal arena Needham became a screenwriter, writing and developing movies for American cable television, so with that background it’s not surprising that his novels have garnered some very pretty hot reviews.

JNTBM The Singapore Straits Times said, “Needham is Asia’s most stylish and atmospheric writer of crime fiction.”

The Bangkok Post said, “Needham is Michael Connelly with steamed rice.”

Hong Kong magazine said, “Needham is probably the best American writer almost nobody in America has ever heard of.”

The Wall Street Journal Asia said, "Mr. Needham knows rather more than one ought about these things."

If you don’t make it to WHS to take a look you can also find the novels online with WHS (cheaper) and Amazon.  Last weekend Amazon was quickly reporting The Ambassador’s Wife as "Temporarily Out of Stock, But More on the Way”, although that stock appears to have arrived now – so, no excuses!

Find out more about the author and his work here.

Many congratulations to Jake Needham and a big welcome to the UK market!



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