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The Apprentice 2011 – fast food to determine the final four…

Yes, to determine the final four it was a week of fast food.   And as the final is on the TV tonight, this week’s post of the speedy and truncated variety too.

Teams this week were: Natasha and Susan led by Jim; Tom led by Helen.

Task: create a fast food outlet. Something original, added the voiceover.

I loved it that man in charge of a Soho Mexican food outlet was a South African.  And the food.  Oh dear.  It just doesn’t look appealing does it?  What’s the black stuff?


Susan: ‘… and even though we had some problems before on the previous task, all the air’s been cleared…’  Not according to Natasha’s face, no.


Susan eats in a lot of Mexican restaurants.  So I have to ask: where’s the originality then Susan?

It could have been easy partnership between Tom and Helen but Helen soon asserted herself and made it clear who was in charge didn’t she?  A touch of control freakery in evidence there.

And now for a big ‘shhh’.  We should only whisper about the lack of knowledge of history in evidence when it came to branding British food.  Tom and Helen seemed to think that Christopher Columbus was British and, having discovered the potato, brought it to these islands.  I’d love to ask them where cherry genoa cake was first spotted and by whom.

Helen thought the pie and mash needed feminising by making smaller pies for the ladies.  That’s a higher proportion of the junk stuff (fatty pastry) in the smaller model, Helen!  But sales seemed to go well…

Jim thought it was 'another time for me to shine' but just escaped the taxi in the end.

We were told on You’re Fired that Natasha had been tired.  But she looked like someone who lost all interest when she didn’t get her own way in that final team of three.

And who will be the winner?   We will all find out tonight.  The final is on BBC1 at 9pm, immediately followed by a Dara O’Briain analysis.

I really would not be surprised if Helen wins tonight and MyPy hits the street within a year.   But without the Columbus mash.


4 comments on “The Apprentice 2011 – fast food to determine the final four…

  1. Debbie Bennett
    July 17, 2011

    Pie, mash & gravy in a *cardboard box*? But my money is still on Helen, assuming there are no skeletons falling out of her cv at the interview stage.

  2. Norm
    July 17, 2011

    Helen looks the certainty but our Alan [I’m allowed to call him that ;o)] likes to spring surprises so it could be Jim. After all Jim could sell Talmuds in Teheran, and Maracas in Caracas.

  3. crimeficreader
    July 17, 2011

    Oh poor Tom. It’s looking like he’s not going to make it then…

  4. Norm
    July 17, 2011

    Wrong again. But on the final program Tom was the only sensible choice.

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