Good words but too late…

Way too late.  And after all those smiling faces in pictures.  It makes it look like squeezing out an awkwardly placed belligerent blackhead is easier.  Could News Corp be this millennium’s Ratner?  Is anyone capable of believing that blind eyes missed all this?  And again, British MPs do not look clean at all.  It is time the UK revisited the concept of shame to be able to re-establish some decent ethics.



4 thoughts on “Good words but too late…

  1. PaulD

    If you honestly believe politicians are capable of feeling shame you must already have forgotten the expenses scandal.

  2. crimeficreader

    I don’t and I haven’t, Paul. I fear this is something of a trifle in nature. We had the fruit and cake bit with the expenses scandal, now we have the glorious custard. God knows what the cream will be when it comes.

  3. Maxine

    I notice that Rupert’s “sorrow” is in inverse proportion to the speed at which shares in his company are going down.

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