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The Apprentice – Week 9, Episode 10

Needing to strike the scalpel to produce the final five, this episode asked our candidates to go sell from wholesale and build the business on the evidence of bestselling products.  Simple, yes?  Well only if you’re Lord Sacch, Nick or Karren.  The candidates (some of them) may have seen this task differently.  Mistakes were multiple this week and quite serious.

Melody.  As one of the team leaders, she did not quite get the replenish your bestsellers instruction.  Back at the wholesalers she picked goods on a whim ignoring the nodding dog’s stunning record.  She also went, with Helen, into a pound shop to try and sell them watches (at more than one pound each).

Helen, wanting to seek out ‘big orders’ went for the retail trade and failed badly, especially when it came to linens at the end of the day…  And in an Apprentice first, Helen delivered an attempted coup, suggesting that on day two she took over as project leader from Melody.  Needless to say Melody didn’t give her the chance.

SusieSleeping Susie.  Has she never watched The Apprentice before?  In a previous series someone tried selling door to door in the posh areas of west London and it didn’t work then.  It didn’t work for Susie and her duvets in this episode either.  But she did redeem herself when going off-piste on product replenishment and buying some bracelets which she then sold well.  In another Apprentice first, Susie was caught sleeping on the job.  But then, it is hard walking door to door in Notting Hill trying to sell bed linens.

Natasha.  Also a team leader, Natasha didn’t get the instruction at all.  She thought it was all about making money and thought they’d be fined for carrying stock.  Oops.   And wasn’t she simply appalling to Susie?  Natasha showed she doesn’t really have the maturity to lead people.

Tom, yet again, did not speak up loudly enough.  Finally, could this be the turning point for him?  He felt ‘let down’ by Helen and Melody and proved he could he sell, something he’s not overly comfortable with.  He was the nodding dogs’ salesman for the episode.  Here we see Tom with two of his delighted customers.


JimBrolly And what can we say about Jim this week?  Well, a pretty good performer if lacking a little on the modesty front.  He proved he'd do anything to sell: even play the dandy in Covent Garden to get those brollies moving.  (And it wasn't even raining.)

Did the right one go?  Oh yes.   And thankfully no more incessant earnest droning from Melody in the remaining episodes.  (With a small caveat as she may reappear for a team in the final.)  Relief flooded through me.

If the other team had lost, it would/should have been Natasha to go.  She is really going to have to prove herself now.



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