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The Apprentice – Week 6, Episode 7

Freemium Week

This week our teams were tasked with creating a new freemium magazine: the magazine that is offered free to the consumer, funded by advertising revenue.  Given a bit of market research, Natasha’s team went  down the lads’ mag route, not of all them entirely convinced it has to be said.  But Natasha was and she explained this very well.  To camera.  Did she also pitch this to her own team?  Helen looked the most unconvinced and as if such work would sully a recent premium manicure on her clean hands.  But lads’ mag it was.

HIpR On the other team, project managed by Jim, the lucrative market of the over sixties was identified and targeted.  Struggling to come up with a name for the magazine, Zoë suggested ‘Be Hip. Hip Replacement.’  Jim, suddenly looking like someone had switched on the light bulb in his head said into his mobile ‘Zoë’s come up with a good one: Hip Replacements.’  Really? Didn’t the addition of the ‘replacement’ actually ruin the play on words?  And when it came the cover proved to be the coffin for the mag.  Has anything else ever looked quite so destined for the coffee table in a Harley Street hip replacement specialist orthopod’s waiting room?

At the end of the day, who knows if Hip Replacement would have grabbed a granny or a grand-dad because Jim’s team failed to attract the advertising revenue and lost the task, ultimately based on one organisation’s offer to take advertising on the lads’ mag to the tune of the whole shebang.  Jim took Glenn and Susie into the boardroom for a really dirty bust up and Glenn found the chop fell on him.

Highlights this week:

Natasha.  She can deliver mouthful after mouthful of innuendo and make it sound like management speak from the 90s, and with a dryness approaching desiccation.  And don’t you love her approach to focus group feedback – from a bunch of rugby players who liked the upmarket business angle for the proposed mag – ‘…our focus group was a bit focused.  We’ll stick to what we’ve got, OK?’  Natasha just simply knows they want more tits and arse, even if they don’t.  And in other ways Natasha proved she’s a bulldozer, taking over the second pitch (Leon’s) to advertisers for one, and taking it over fully on the last one for two.

Susie.  She was actually starting to appear young, naïve and out of place this week, with pronouncements to support that perception.  Has Zoë been right all along in finding her annoying?  Susie has started to annoy me now and a clip for next week’s sell-in-France-task looks like it might confirm this.

Jim.  Ah, Jim, our surface charmer.  But I did suggest at week one he may have a touch of Machiavelli about him.  I can only imagine that Nick, who knows that the term Teflon Tony has been coined and put to exceedingly good use, has spent many an hour off camera coming up with an appropriate term for Jim.  Yes, Nick compared the chance of pinning a decision on Jim alone to that of getting jelly to stick on a wall.  So it’s Jelly Jim from now on then. For as long as he stays anyway.  I was a tad surprised that Glenn got the boot over Jim, but that appeared to be down to some personal circumstances from the back of the Lord Sacch cupboard of commerce experience non-delights.  He has a ‘thing’ about engineers.  Who knew?  But why give Jim an extra chance?  Now that the numbers are dwindling, I expect the Machiavelli gene will shine through all the more.  And I doubt he’ll be in the final.

Zoë.  Well, she’s made dour and sour her own in this series.  But from You’re Fired, we see she can smile and enjoy herself.  A certain, recently sacked Glenn had something to do with that though…

Leon.  He impressed Lord Sacch with a piece in the lads’ mag on the rubbish business inspired by his experience in the previous task: How to Make a Thousand Pounds in a Day.   Will that acknowledgement inspire him more?

Tom.  Now Tom had been on the losing team until last week when rubbish proved his winner.  But even on the losing team, Tom is still to experience a final boardroom firing visit and that says something.  I stand to be corrected, but I don’t think Tom has been a project manager yet.  At the stage we are now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom is picked as a project manager next week and that will be something to watch.  Go Tom!

Lastly, this was Nick’s week.  He was monitoring the team that went for the over-sixties target market.  Facially, he got plenty of exercise, especially with eyebrow-raising and jaw-dropping.  Do watch it, if you missed it: this was one to see!

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  1. Norm
    June 18, 2011

    I hope Jim gets to the interviews where I am certain he will exposed as a total windbag with no substance. Is it my imagination but are this year’s contestants are very bland compared with some of the characters from past series such as The Badger, Katie Hopkins and Baggs the Brand.

  2. crimeficreader
    June 19, 2011

    I think you are right there Norm. Blander this season.

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