DPD – the courier inspired by Dante’s hell

I had called three numbers – all automated systems and no one to speak to. Hence my parcel remains unidentified.  (I am assuming it’s a book from a publisher at this stage as I have ordered nothing.)  I found the depot number on an internet forum but no one answered.  I tried to arrange redelivery on the site but it was in ‘maintenance’.  Their card says they hold undelivered items for three days only.   The result was that I tweeted this:

DPD is a most absurd company. Why do companies use them? They hold a non-delivery for 3 days only. To arrange a timeslotted re-delivery they charge either £6 or £12 & Saturdays are only available for £12. Collections have to be timeslot booked (they are more important than the Queen’s gynae).  And if I collect I have a 30mile round trip to do…

And this:

So I guess whoever sent me a parcel via DPD wasted their money as I can't be arsed.

The depot to which I’d have to travel is only accessible by car.  I’m lucky I still one have to consider that option, but at 30 miles why should it cost me so much to collect something I am not expecting?  (That said, it might come in at slightly less cost than a delivery to meet my needs.)

I’ll bet DPD presents a very efficient and cost-effective interface for its customers.  However, it fails big time on the follow through service.

So, whoever you are, use this white elephant if you choose, but I am sure I will not be your only undelivered return.  And do enjoy your return when it arrives.

FYI, their charges, quoted exclusive of VAT to make you feel it's cheaper.



2 thoughts on “DPD – the courier inspired by Dante’s hell

  1. Norm

    At least this company exists! The retirement apartments where my late mother-in -law lived were plagued with phone calls informing the residents of mythical parcels to be collected giving premium phone numbers for the return call.

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