It's a crime! (Or a mystery…)

The Apprentice 2011 – Week Four, Episode Five

Opener: clearly Glenn is one of those men who is more attractive clothes off than on.  Which made for an injection of interest before last week’s recap… 

And the task this week?  Make and brand a unique pet food and then produce a TV advertisement to sell it.  Pets across the globe would no doubt have been salivating at Lord Sacch’s words.  Could he be the new Pavlov?  Tinkle, tinkle little bell, Lord Pavlova will serve you now.  No, I can’t see it.  Not even at Battersea.

Glenn is picked as one of the team leaders and his team is tasked with creating food to satisfy the cat palate.  Immediately he calls himself a CATalyst…  (And he may be right, for this man who creates on a daily basis was letting the others, demanding of them even, a brainstorm of ideas and he only contributed feedback opinion.  Were his own creative thoughts locked in his rippling back muscles that day?  Well no actually given his later performance of coming up with his own idea and then riding roughshod over the others.)

Meanwhile on Vince’s team – those in slave to the doggie palate – Jim comes up with a play on ‘every’ but common sense inventor Tom can see the fault lines and points them out: there’s no niche market.  Only to be ignored again…

And did I mention Battersea earlier? Oh yes.  Let’s take a trip down there and get some feline input.  And at this point let’s let our four-legged friends, canine and feline be our judges.

EveryDog1 Everydog, you say. Everydog?  Do I look like an everydog to you?

Show some respect folks and listen to my uncle Veterinary will you please?


CatInDevelopment Well, you lot don't worship cats do you?  You brought an empty tin. 

I don't know why I bother.  Humans can be so disappointing.


EveryDog Is that a cat I see leaping on your logo?  Go back where you came from you besuited creeps. 

(Said by Ted, still growling and not chilling out.)


LuckyFish Luckyfish eh?  I'll give that one just a second of my attention.  You do get some odd people visiting Battersea, you know.

And why didn't you send me boffin Tom? I wanted him to play with me.


 Boardroom debacle: the difference between men and women was heard with 100% clarity.  ‘We weren’t heard’ said the girls, Ellie and Natasha, speaking passively.  Not ‘We spoke and you chose to ignore us.’  When the rejoinder from Vince came as woolly and as unfocused as ever, the response from Natasha was ‘You didn’t listen’.  Men may hear – occasionally – but it’s getting them to assimilate what they’ve heard that’s the real task in hand.  And when women go down that route from the off they are just perceived as aggressive.

A double firing! Ellie was fired as Lord Sacch had not seen anything from her.  Vince followed.  Well, five times in the boardroom and as team leader on the fifth it was the right thing to do.


Vince1 How we might remember Vince.  (A girlie girl man if ever there was one.  It's the shoes that do it for him.)



This week’s watershed moment came with the ‘ticking off’.  (We are now in the ‘ticking off’ phase as they know one another so well and the boundaries.)  Zoë proved last week with Susie that if a ticking off is to be effective (in whatever form) it needs to be done face to face.  If you do it down the phone – as we have seen many times before – you simply get cut-off with a curt response and ‘end call’.  And this week Zoë was the leader of recipients holding the phone when Glenn delivered his ticking off.  She’s made of steel that girl.

LeonComb Lastly, is Leon going for the early comb over or did he walk past a piece of white chalk?



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