It's a crime! (Or a mystery…)

The Apprentice 2011 – Week 3

Who’d have thought we’d see a story with a massive character development arc in beauty treatment week?  Leon – the I am butch, I have a girlfriend boy – ended the programme a fully blown metrosexual man.  Will he be swapping beauty product tips with Vince by the end of week four?  I bet his suitcase will be far heavier on his departure from The Apprentice compared with arrival time.  Lotions and potions weigh a tonne.

Felicity’s team made a quick decision about location and it was thank you to the Birmingham girls time, with even Tom piping in.  But he subsequently had some concerns to raise and he raised them gently.  It was just one treatment room and it was on the third floor of the department store, a bit far away.  He was also concerned that the selected location had enough basins etc.  But all was fine because Melody – an expert, as she’s a Birmingham girl, said so.  She didn’t say why though.  And we all knew the debate was over when Felicity ended it with a curt ‘… So if you can just put that down Tom.’  Not a listening team leader then.

Some time later Tom had his little notebook out and announced that the spray tan product produced the biggest profit per minute.  Felicity’s face indicated that he’d delivered a curve ball, not from Australia, but from Pluto, albeit at the same time as saying ‘Thank you for that’.  Thank God someone was thinking about the figures.

LeonSprayTan Leon may have been reluctant to undergo the spray tan training, but when crumbling to the pressure he discovered it wasn’t that bad after all and approached the task as man at B&Q.  Meanwhile, Glenn displayed a lack of understanding of the female beauty world comparing the choice of nail varnish colour to painting a house in magnolia.  I bet he doesn't even know that nail bars exist.

Natasha’s performance in the car on the way up to Birmingham will no doubt result in an exclusion order forbidding her from being within 5 miles of Birmingham city centre in the future.  It really is not wise to make everyone from the area sound like a character in a poor quality soap opera that doesn’t win awards.  (Not even with public voting.)

TomBook In another car, Tom got his trusty book out yet again to provide some numbers. Perhaps it was too early in the morning for team leader Felicity to get excited about the potential profit.  FCar

But, as it proved, it was potential only, for Tom’s earlier concerns manifested themselves in concrete fact.  Who was selling the profit-making treatments to be provided on floor three?  How did they ensure the customers got there?  Humble pie arrived faster than fake tan on a Middleton.

And so to the Boardroom where we experienced an all-girl fight out with Felicity calling in Ellie and Natasha for the scrap.  Natasha may have escaped in the end but Karren has marked her card with Lord Sacch, telling him she’s all talk and nothing more.  Felicity got the boot but the choice was spot on.

The one that got away this week was Susie.  Bubbling with enthusiasm and optimism she over-estimated the potential product sales.  That could, perhaps, be forgiven, but she was shafted by her colleagues Zoë and Helen who were paving the way for excuses and blame should they lose the task.  For that, Susie will not be offering any forgiveness in the future. When this young girl bites back it will be interesting…

Next time it’s pet food creation week.  They say never work with children or animals and we have an advert to prepare.  I bet the four-legged creatures will come off looking best.

Lastly, my prediction for next week is that if Natasha is on the losing team, she’ll be on the trolley-pull ending.  That accusation of strategising we saw in the trailer seems to suit her best.



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