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The Apprentice 2011 – Week 1

TallyHo So, with a double bill and a plot twist straight out of Tom and Jerry, this time around the apprentices will not compete to be hired but to gain an investment of £250k from Lord Sacch(arine) for their own business.  But some things don’t change and again we are presented with an ardent and earnest crew who don’t see the world as we normal people do.  It’s time, yet again, to forget the benefits of family, friends, social life and the rest of things ‘humanity’, for as someone said, it’s all about winning in business and that’s all that matters.  (But it’s good to sneak in a slot with a decent hair stylist & make-up artist, plus a pedicure and manicure, and some shopping for fab clothes when you can.  Learning how to pull a small piece of luggage with deportment and ease also helps.)  And no one’s the potential ‘apprentice’ now, all are potential ‘partners’.  Not that you’d see that from some of the behaviour.

With so many people in the early episodes, I won’t go into detail.  Let’s just look at some of the stars/highlights.

‘But underneath these glasses is a core of steel.’

Sheeny No, it’s Michael Sheen, surely? 

Actually, it’s Tom Pellereau the inventor.  And should he become a big story as the result of this series, then it’s Michael Sheen’s phone that will be trilling when his story is made into a movie.  Tom manages to come across as rather nice, if need of an assertive streak.  In the company of sharks, wide-boys, harpies and loud mouths, if you want to be heard it’s best to just speak.  Shout even.  But holding up your hand is a practice best left at the Kindergarten door on exit.  I hope he invents something to raise his game.

‘… and I seek out pain rather than pleasure…’

Horror2 And the first thing you might want to ask Edna Agbarha is ‘giving or receiving?’  But then, her choice of gear for a little presentation at Earls Court might have presented a huge clue.  This is one scary woman.  She’s a business psychologist but doesn’t seem to take the skills of this into proceedings.  She’s not too much of a team player and is definitely too much of a dictator with a bumper pack of arrogance.  Had the girls lost in episode two, I suspect she’d have been pulling her trolley case.  An extension to a potentially very short lived series presence will only come about when they mix up the teams and the men won’t know what they are dealing with.

Ducking bullets and spineless.

LeonJubilant Now then, losing team leader Leon Doyle may have been jubilant at having ‘ducked two bullets’ to escape the boardroom trolley-pull exit, but to get there he exhibited a spineless core and exposed his biggest weaknesses.  He’s fickle, flounders on strategy and can’t take responsibility for decisions.  When Leon selected Jim Eastwood for a return to the boardroom Jim fought back, argued his case and Leon withered, moving on to pick Glenn Ward instead.

And then came Machiavelli too?

Jim 220px-Niccolo_Machiavelli Jim is another rather likeable chap.  You’d rather like him on a team.  He’s reliable and steps up to the post when needed.  He’s assertive.  He will not let a leaking sieve fill a reservoir.  I thought he really could be the star of the show until the end of episode two when Leon and Glenn returned to the house.   Inside, I suspect he was quietly bursting with ten times more jubilance than Leon at his own achievement.  It was that sly wink at the end that did it.   Meanwhile, have you spotted the similarity?  It’s quite frightening.  

It’s ‘go buy stuff’ week next week, set out of the Savoy for our butlers-in-training.  Should be fun.  The trailer indicated that hard bargains are … hard to come by.


2 comments on “The Apprentice 2011 – Week 1

  1. Donna
    May 15, 2011

    It’s shaping up to be a GREAT series! I rather like both Tom and Jim. ALL the girls, however, seem to be bitchy and arrogant.

  2. crimeficreader
    May 15, 2011

    Business as usual for the girls then Donna! When they showed that scene of them shouting at one another I thought ‘They’ve started already’. But no, they were recording for their app. However, it was fully displayed: the skillset exists there.

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