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Shocking Breaking News: Daily Mail Oversight on Updating Books Pages

Like many, I may take a swipe at the Daily Mail now and again, but I do like their books pages (Fridays).  Mainly, they select books for mass market popularity and hence the commercial end of the market, with wide appeal.  But they don't paddle in the dregs just as they don't try to starch in some high brow.

Middleton This week – could it be Royal Wedding fever? – they appear to have forgotten to update their online book pages.  But it's the era of the Middleton story grand chase with only a few short days to go before the nuptials.  I can just imagine their employees investigating this one in intricate detail.

‘Is she too thin, do you think?’
‘Not yet, by the looks of it.’
‘Speak for yourself. Look at those bones.  She’s really thin.  I’m worried about her. Can we run that?’
‘Can we count her ribs? She might have an extra one.  It could be a story as big as Anne Boleyn's.’

And let's not overlook sister Pippa, bottom right.  How handy to spend an evening out showing off her legs.  Now we can all share in 'Pippa's Perfect Pins'.  Do you reckon someone called Alice is doing the headlines?  Alice's Alluring Alliteration…




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