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Competition: Win a Signed Full Introduction to Swedish Crime Author Håkan Nesser’s Van Veeteren

Those lovely people at one of the best UK publishing houses, Pan Macmillan, have offered up a full signed paperback set of Swedish crime author, Håkan Nesser’s Van Veeteren series.



To win, you have to leave a comment by midnight Monday 18 April telling me:

  1. what is unusual about the geographic setting of these novels, and
  2. why you feel you deserve this gorgeous set.

I will then select the correct answer with the most impressive pitch for the books.

Find out more about the author and his work here.

HNesser The small print…
[Administration rules:  Open to UK entrants only.  Comments must be left by leaving an email address.  (Not by Typepad log in, which does not give the email address.)  Any entries with insufficient contact details will be ignored. Comments will not be released until Tuesday 19 April. Also on this day the winner will be contacted and will need to reply with an email of their address details within 48 hours.  This will then be passed on to the publisher for despatch of the novels.  If there is no timely reply, the novels will then be offered up to the next best entry.  The winner will be announced when the winner’s details are sent to the publisher.]

Update Tuesday 19 April: Competition now closed and winner will be annouced shortly.


8 comments on “Competition: Win a Signed Full Introduction to Swedish Crime Author Håkan Nesser’s Van Veeteren

  1. Margot Kinberg
    April 14, 2011

    Lovely competition! Is it international or UK only?

  2. crimeficreader
    April 14, 2011

    Thanks Margot. Small print now amended to reflect UK only. Sorry!

  3. Shade Point
    April 14, 2011

    The geographic setting is a mystery in itself, an imaginary melding of Holland, Sweden, Germany, Poland – a literary imagining of a northern european soul, or sensibility – where trying to understand that isolated northern response, that stance and way of thinking, is as important as a particular geography.I would absolutely love to win this set as I would like to review the ones I haven’t read, and use them as background to a feature I’m writing.

  4. Maureen
    April 15, 2011

    1. The Van Veeteren series, takes place in Maardam, a fictitious city in a made-up country that could be anywhere in northern Europe.
    2. I feel that I deserve to win this gorgeous set of books because I’ve never read anything by Håkan Nesser before so it would be the perfect opportunity to get hooked on a new author. Also, I’m feeling bereft after “The Killing” ended on TV and I’m sure a first-rate series of Scandinavian crime books is just what I need to get immersed in!

  5. Dorte H
    April 15, 2011

    Congratulations to the person who wins! This is a great series which I have enjoyed reading in Danish.
    His new series is every bit as fine so you have something to look forward to.

  6. Glasgowlee
    April 17, 2011

    Great competition! Would love to win this set of books.
    1. Setting: Maardam a fictious city in Northern Europe.
    2. I am a newbie to crime fiction so winning this I am sure would start a new ‘love affair’ of a bookish kind for this genre!

  7. crimeficreader
    April 22, 2011

    Thanks for your entries. The competition closed and Glasgowlee was selected as the winner for the chance to extend the genre’s readership.
    Another competition is still running here, if you still fancy the novels. Also here for a couple more days.

  8. Maureen
    April 22, 2011

    Congratulations to the winner, Glasgowlee!

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