New to Spiral (Season 3) Tonight? Catch the Crib Sheet.

Spiral Yes, some of us are a bit behind on this one.  Download the crib sheet below for the main characters, including pics.  (I usually prepare one of the these sheets for each series of The Apprentice to keep up with all the names.)

Download SpiralSeason3MainCharacters

You're all set now then, aren't you?  BBC4 at 9pm this evening. Enjoy!

(Information on crib sheet copied from the BBC's website, with some obvious typos corrected.)


One thought on “New to Spiral (Season 3) Tonight? Catch the Crib Sheet.

  1. Norm

    I am recording this to watch later in the week. Thanks, but I do not need the crib sheet the unforgettable Ms Karlsson is deeply embedded in my brain.

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