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Breaking News: New Crime Fiction Awards in 2011

Here, abridged, is detail of the press release announcement made at 11am today by Omnipotent PR in London. 

A new and young team has been working hard for the last nine months to bring you 2011’s inaugural Crime Fiction Diversity Awards for the UK.  Entries are now accepted from bona fide UK publishers for the categories listed below.  Shortlists will be announced on 25 November and the winners in each category on 25 December.

The judges have reserved the right to retain anonymity in 2011.  In recognition of the public’s ongoing need for full disclosure and its insatiable desire for gossip, as well as the requirement to raise funds for the administration of the awards and their substantial prizes, individuals may purchase a secret code for £200 in order to determine the identity of all 47.5 judges by way of a trail of clues.  (Note: one judge is part-time and will only be reading half the novels.)  The £200 is a worthy investment, not least because the clues are even easier to identify than the clunky ones dropped into episodes of Midsomer Murders.

The UK Crime Fiction Takeover Award £75
To be awarded to the novel that best reflects and supports the ongoing influx and grip of the Scandinavian crime scene in the UK.
Sponsored by The Swedish Meatball Rescue Company. (Soon to be bigger worldwide than IKEA.)
Note from the Committee of Administrators and Judges: should this award go to a Swedish author for more than three years running, a referral will be made to the Competition Commission.

The Global Emergent Award £10,000
To be awarded to the novel that best introduces and excites with a new location and the prospect of a new series.
Sponsored by Mateus Rosé, Blue Nun, Dolmio and The Liechtenstein Bank Vault Key Company.  (All to be confirmed.)

The True Brit Award £109,000
To be awarded to the novel that best reflects the true spirit of proper old-fashioned British crime fiction by a British author.
Sponsored by the mainly publicly-owned Floyd’s Banking Group and the Arts Council for the Falklands’ Islands.  [Note from the Committee of Administrators and Judges: the winning author will need to provide ID by way of British passport to prove authenticity of origin and eligibility to write in and about the UK.]

Notes to editors:


  1. This is the only award in the UK voted for by more than the usual number of judges.
  2. Please note that the clues may contain nuts.




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  1. Margot Kinberg
    April 1, 2011

    Thanks for this information, Rhian – Very interesting and helpful!

  2. Jan (laydilejur)
    April 1, 2011

    Love it!

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