Topping Books in Bath: Crimetime, crime fiction reading group


Topping & Co, Booksellers of Bath and Ely are starting 'Crimetime', a crime fiction reading group on Thursday, 3 March at 18:30.  The series kicks off with Sam Hawken's The Dead Women of Juarez.  If you are in or near Bath, you might want to pop along…


4 thoughts on “Topping Books in Bath: Crimetime, crime fiction reading group

  1. Jason Webster

    I’ll be doing a talk there myself a couple of days beforehand on 1 March at 8 pm for my new crime novel set in Spain – Or the Bull Kills You. Then again at the Ely branch on 4 March at 7 pm. Perhaps I’ll see you there…

  2. Jason Webster

    All the Topping talks at Bath appear to start at 8pm. That’s the time I’ve been given as well. Perhaps it’s because Bath is such a late-night kind of place…

  3. ToppingBooks

    Thanks for spreading the word about the new reading groups!
    8pm start for Bath events is right – we’re open from 9am – 8pm.
    Jason – looking forward to the events. We’ll have tapas!

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