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Crimeficreader’s Books for Christmas – Family Fun

Bks4Xmas2010 Fun and Games for the 21 st Century Family (£9.99 from Old Street Publishing)

As Christmas is a time for family, let’s kick off with the perfect book for some fun and games.  I loved the quirky Complete and Utter Zebu these gentlemen produced in 2009; this year, our very modern fathers Steve Caplin and Simon Rose excel with Fun and Games for the 21 st Century Family.

FunandGamesJacket This is a wonderful compendium of games to play within your cosy home or well wrapped up outside.  Fun and Games blends old favourites (sometimes updated) with the contemporary, utilising our digital world.   Here’s a selection:
Egg and Toothbrush Race (vibration for extra challenge)
Geocaching (the new global GPS-based treasure hunt phenomenon)
How to Googlewhack (to take your searching skills to another level)
Rock, Paper, Pixels (the modern version).

There are loads of suggestions involving cameras and photographs, as well as homemade videos including a 6-Step Film Course.  I loved the ‘Techno’ section which goes creative on the computer.

You can approach this book in an organised fashion, working your way from start to finish, or you can simply dip in as the mood takes you.  Very quickly, I had a certain someone in mind when it comes to a Christmas stocking pressie.  And I think this nine year old’s family will love dipping into it too.  This one’s for staying conventional with surviving vintage family games or for being a properly 21 st century family having festive fun.  Not restricted to the festive season either.  Enjoy!

More information here.

[Simon Rose is a film critic for the BBC’s General News Service and the author of the Classic Film Guide and the Essential Film Guide.  He has very kindly contributed a seasonal DVD selection for this Christmas series, so please revisit later to see his comprehensive range of picks.]



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