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My Friday #FF on Twitter

I am frequently quite poor on #FFs, so this week I have started to get organised. I pay little attention to ongoing streams of #FF from others, therefore I have used the blog for my lists and this will result in one #FF tweet only.

My apologies to those I have missed off.  I don't have a good memory for names and will need to see a tweet to get it right.  I'll be updating regularly in the future.  Read on for more…

Writing lovelies:
@mduffywriter; @NettieWriter; @Whyjay99; @hopefulauthor; @cathbore; @hmhunt;
@janetravers; @Burn2Write; @mruku; @katheastman; @necol66; @beecee; @liz_fenwick; @JackyHSF; @mduffywriter; @Jm_Diaz; @Mshelencarter.

Crime fiction devotees:
@thecrimedesk; @thefrugallife; @AliChemist; @Crime_Pub; @eurocrime; @The_New_Mr_K; @Crime_Pub; @PatriciaMcLinn; @JanetRudolph; @SamEades; @BenWillisUK; @BenHunt; @nextread; @Hagelrat; @BVLawson; @jenforbus; @le0pard13; @crimescraps.

Bookish people/sites:
@Cidix; @Pamreader; @MarDixon; @Dot_Scribbles; @keithbwalters; @SavidgeReads; @kimbofo; @insidebooks; @farmlanebooks; @andyholland01; @nextread; @Cornflowerbooks; @David_Heb; @stujallen; @mruku; @Jngla; @OWC_Oxford; @kirstymch; @LizUK; @flwbooks; @laydilejur; @HeatherKephart; @Mshelencarter; @robin_intheuk; @BookishMagpie; @PottiJo; @sugarmice_; @physiolou; @loveandgarbage; @psychicmaiden; @LawandLit; @thebfv; @katesbookblog;  @FictionWitch; @annecater; @Dxblit; @Milo334; @boabie1963; @thebookrabbit.

People in working in/involved in publishing:

UK & Ireland
@samatlounge; @caroleagent; @SmemoBooks; @thecrimedesk; @SamAtRedmag; @Danoosha; @SuzanneCollier; @SamEades; @BenWillisUK; @kimbofo; @SavidgeReads; @jonreed; @hprw; @Crime_Pub; @Ms_Riot; @LynseyDalladay; @alisonbarrow; @LoreleiKing; @thecrimedesk; @eoinpurcell.

@TOK09; @jackiesfeet; @journaliz; @susansanderus; @Gwena; @ErikHeidemann.

@amblit; @janinelaporte.

@GoldsboroBooks; @gutterbookshop; @camdenlockbooks.

@Marikacobbold; @mkinberg; @LesleyCookman; @LeighRussell; @GhostingAusten; @janehill64; @BillKitson; @Thebrokentoken; @lizfielding; @thefrugallife; @nic_ford; @writermels; @bookwalter; @ryandavidjahn; @rjellory; @JosaYoung; @SteveMosby; @lacarrington1; @essiefox; @rnmorris; @steveweddle; @alistaird221b; @garymurning; @paulbrazill; @AuthorRussell; @elizabethbuchan; @inkwellHQ; @JonCG_novelist.

Fun and supportive people:
@Theodora8; @fleming77; @RoddyJenkins; @RedGray; @jacr13; @rogerpovey; @sad19; @fizfull; @VEE6.

@gomezadams; @bigajm; @robinbogg; @RogerPovey.

Feline fanciers:
@Placepot; @iamamro; @ViolaMaths; @Mr_Geoff; @LoreleiKing; @GhostingAusten; @raubrey.

Interesting debaters:

@Paulnuk2O1O (and more);  @fleming77 ; @sfj1642; @CllrDaisyBenson; @angelneptustar; @jamescousins; @ThePhilNorth.

TV Programmes
@SamAtRedmag; @JonCG_novelist.

For Matters Forensic:

Fab people in the media:
@PaulWaugh; @julietunney; @AlexWilde; @Mshelencarter.

Expert on lovely B&B:

4 comments on “My Friday #FF on Twitter

  1. Yvonne Johnston
    August 20, 2010

    What a good idea Rhian – and much more considered than mass lists!

  2. Paul D. Brazill
    August 20, 2010

    Thanks for the#FF

  3. Margot Kinberg
    August 20, 2010

    Rhian – Thank you for this terrific idea! And thanks, of course, for the #FF : ). I think this is, indeed, nicely considered. I should think of doing this…

  4. thecrimedesk
    August 25, 2010

    Thanks for the #ff! And for introducing me to some great tweeters!

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