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CWA Shortlists Announced This Evening

Click on the links for further information.  Congratulations to all.

International Dagger:

Badfellas by Tonino Benacquista, translated by Emily Read (Bitter Lemon Press)
August Heat by Andrea Camilleri, translated by Stephen Sartarelli (Picador)
Hypothermia by Arnaldur Indriðason, translated by Victoria Cribb (Harvill Secker)
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest by Stieg Larsson, translated by Reg Keeland (MacLehose Press)
Thirteen Hours by Deon Meyer,, translated by K.L. Seegers (Hodder and Stoughton)
The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin, translated by Marlaine Delargy (Doubleday)

Non-Fiction Dagger:

Major Farran’s Hat by David Cesarani (Heinemann)
Killing Time by David R. Dow (Heinemann)
Aftermath: The Omagh Bombing & the Families’ Pursuit of Justice by Ruth Dudley Edwards (Harvill Secker)
Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie & Clyde by Jeff Guinn (Simon & Schuster)
Defending the Guilty by Alex McBride (Penguin/Viking)
The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston, with Mario Spezi (Virgin/Random House)

Dagger in the Library:

Simon Beckett
R J Ellory
Ariana Franklin
Mo Hayder

Denise Mina
Chris Simms


Short Story Dagger:

A Calculated Risk by Sean Chercover
Scuba diving takes on a new significance on the other side of the law. Subtly and deftly told with a menacing atmosphere.

The Weapon by Jeffrey Deaver
High stakes and lack of time are the order of the day. Shaped by today’s headlines it is intriguing, topical and thrilling.

Can You Help Me Out There by Robert Ferrigno
Robert Ferrigno has showcased an ability to mix humour with suspense along with having a knack for creating villains that make you smile even as they send chills down your spine.

Boldt’s Broken Angel by Ridley Pearson
With one of the most memorable and compelling opening scenes, Boldt's Broken Angel follows Detective Boldt as he tracks down a twisted serial killer. A model thriller.

Like a Virgin by Peter Robinson (from The Price of Love)
A cold case brings back memories of a number of brutal murders and its repercussions. Elegantly written containing many unforgettable images and karma that comes back to haunt you.

Killing Time by Jon Land
Time is the enemy of a professional killer after a murder goes terribly wrong. Gruesome, but an intriguing and thoroughly credible story.

Protecting the Innocent by Simon Wood
A stubborn lovestruck protagonist is not averse to taking a little risk, but how far would you go for love? A tangled tale with horrific consequences for the love struck characters.

Debut Dagger:

All the Precious Things

Jan Napiorkowski (UK)

A Murder in Mumbles

Rick DeMille (USA)

A Place of Dying

Patrick Eden (UK)

Case No 1

Sandra Graham (Australia)

Chinese Whispers

Alan Carter (Australia)

In the Lion’s Throat

Bob Marriott (New Zealand)


Rebecca Brodie (UK)


Danielle Ramsay (UK)

Pretty Preeti

Stephanie Light (India)

Safe Harbour

Rosemary McCracken (Canada)

The Beggar’s Opera

Peggy Blair (Canada)

The Chameleon Factor

Kathleen Stewart (Australia)



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