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Some Crime & Thriller Fiction News

Crème de la Crime goes digital with Creative Content Ltd.

Specialist UK crime fiction publisher,Crème de la Crime has entered the ebook market as of April 30, 2010, delivering its first four titles in this format in conjunction with Creative Content Ltd.  The four titles for eCC can be found here and routes of purchase here.  Go to this link to read MD of Crème de la Crime, Lynne Patrick’s comments on the venture.

Said Kaye C. Hill, one of the authors involved in this first tranche, 'I think it’s important to move with the times. Much as I love the look and feel of traditional books, I also admire the sleek electronic versions – and also that you can store so many titles on them. I don’t have one at the moment, but we do intend to get one – you can’t fight it and especially the younger generation, who are at ease with the technology, will embrace it.'

And Mary Andrea Clarke added, 'It’s very exciting to see reading moving into the digital world. It’s a helpful option for the reader to have another medium to enjoy books and which can offer a wide range of titles in an easily mobile format. The Kindle and the iPad can bring a lot more books – even audio downloads – to the reader, which is a great addition. A great way to take a lot of books on holiday without exceeding the baggage limit!'

Bernard Knight honoured at the University of Glamorgan

Crime writer Bernard Knight has also had an exceedingly successful career as a forensic pathologist which led to the award of a CBE.  At the University of Glamorgan campus, the Professor Bernard Knight Building has been built to look like a normal house but can be configured to enable lecturers to reconstruct a variety of suspicious and unexplained deaths.

Here, he talks about the honour of having a building named after him – Wales's first purpose-built forensic crime simulator, no less.  He also speaks of the cases significant in his career at this link.

Northern Irish Crime Fiction Collected in short story format: Requiems for the Departed

Requiem Edited by Gerard Brennan (Crime Scene NI) and Mike Stone, this collection of short stories published by Morrigan Books on 1 June features the following authors: Stuart Neville; Tony Black; Garry Kilworth; Arlene Hunt; Sam Millar; Ken Bruen; Maxim Jakubowski; T. A. Moore; John McAllister; Una McCormack; Tony Bailie; Neville Thompson; Adrian McKinty; Dave Hutchinson; Garbhan Downey; Brian McGilloway; John Grant.

This looks good and I look forward to reading it.


Recession/Credit Crunch/Post-Recession Thrillers

RecklessUK RecklessUS Andrew Gross’sReckless was published in the UK by Harper back in March.  William Morrow in the US followed up with a release in April.  Reckless involves ‘a wealthy banker’ in its tale and it’s in my ‘to be read’ pile.

Coming in September, we have In for a Penny, In for a Pound by Tim Waterstone (Corvus).  This one ranges from a ‘big, absorbing family saga’, to ‘an exhilarating ride through Britain’s corridors of power’ and also ‘a witty take on the cut-throat circles of publishing, journalism and banking’.  This sounds right up my street.

ShadowsRidpath Also with Corvus, the original king of the financial thriller in the UK, Michael Ridpath, leaves behind the sub-genre in which he ruled for a venture into Iceland with Where The Shadows Lie, coming in June.  The novel has an Iceland-born, Boston-raised detective in Magnus Jonson, who is seconded to the Icelandic Police Force for his own protection.  Tolkein features in the plot.  It will be interesting to read this author’s thriller skills in his new series.


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    Thanks so much for all of this uesful information. I, too, prefer books made of paper. Still, the E-book sure does have advantages…

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