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BBC’s The Culture Show seeks bookworms & reading enthusiasts

Via my ever-alert bookworm mates on twitter, earlier today I became aware of a call for help from the BBC's The Culture Show.  I have no doubt that book and reading enthusiasts will be drawn to this.

I'll admit to a slight chuckle though.  They say 'We want to hear from fans of a broad range of books and authors…' and then add '…from Jeffrey Archer to Patricia Cornwell, Stephen King to Agatha Christie'.  So, that broad range varies from thriller/blockbuster to crime/thriller to thriller/horror to crime.  Obviously, all share one particular aspect: immense commercial success.  But how good it is to read examples all in my favourite neck of the woods.

I have decided to submit.  I'll let you guess which author and expect some of you will get it spot on.

Do consider doing the same.  I think it's fabulous that The Culture Show is doing a special programme that focuses on reader input.  This is something that the C4 TV Book Club should have continued from the Richard & Judy Book Club.  If you want to encourage reading, who better to consult than existing avid readers?


2 comments on “BBC’s The Culture Show seeks bookworms & reading enthusiasts

  1. Clare D
    February 23, 2010

    Looking forward to reading about developments, here, CFR!

  2. Norm
    February 23, 2010

    Well I don’t expect it will be Jeffrey Archer, possibly John Lawton or Roger Morris?

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