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TV Book Club – Episode 2

I am a bit time pressured at the moment preparing for an impending interview this week, but I did get involved with the post-episode 2 discussion on twitter.  I hope to write my thoughts on episode 2 tomorrow evening.  However, in the mean time, if you felt restricted by 140 characters earlier…

you are very welcome to leave your comments here.

My summary for now: still too many parts; not enough time on the selected book; panel not working well yet (if can be attained); has the feel of a promo tool over a book club.

Episode 2 is now on 4OD here and is repeated on C4 tomorrow at 12:05.


7 comments on “TV Book Club – Episode 2

  1. Norm
    January 24, 2010

    Good luck with interview.

  2. cfr
    January 24, 2010

    Thanks Norm.

  3. stujallen
    January 24, 2010

    didn’t bother watching ,may watch hornby one but it was so bad last week left bad taste in mouth like a corked red you ve been looking forward to only to find it tainted

  4. MarDixon
    January 24, 2010

    I watched, I tweeted, I got annoyed. But luckily, we (make that you) managed to get some answers. The biggest answer was that the 1st two eps were pre-recorded. To me, that meant all the constructive feedback couldn’t be integrated within the first two shows.
    However, if ep 3 turns out to be the same panelist, laughing and giggling and making blank comments that one would expect from beauty contestant, then that will be it for A LOT of true book readers.
    We, the book readers, *want* this show to work. We want books to be written, sold, talked about, etc. But this type of program is not a very good advocate with its current formula.

  5. Dan Calladine
    January 25, 2010

    Hi Mar,
    How did you find out that it was pre-recorded? They seemed to make some comments that suggested that it wasn’t (e.g. reading out comments about the first book), and also giving more prominence to the book under discussion, which was the main complaint about the first show.
    However I’d assumed that they’d all be pre-recorded – far easier (& cheaper) to record 5 shows a day over two days (probably in November, when Chris Evans, Alan Davies etc were on the publicity trail) than to get the 5 presenters together every week.
    The ‘record 10 in 2 days’ theory also suggests that they haven’t read the books, but been briefed on them by the producers, which I strongly suspect is the case esp. with Gok Wan.
    Does anyone know the filming schedule? Can we get this from Cactus?

  6. MarDixon
    January 25, 2010

    Hi Dan –
    It was stated on Twitter re: pre-recorded.
    I’m not too sure about them being briefed prior to the show as Laila Rouass was on Saturday Kitchen and stated that she was reading all the books on a weekly basis. (It was at this point she explained her 69 rule – turn to page 69 of any book, read it and that will determine if you will like the book… seriously).
    As far as the filming schedule, I haven’t a clue, sorry. But would be interested to find out.

  7. Dan Calladine
    January 31, 2010

    OK, I take it back. It’s not all been pre-recorded, and it was better this week (week 3)

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