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A Colourful Autumn in Cheltenham & A Little Bit of LitFest

Having arrived in Cheltenham, I picked up my tickets from the box office and then dashed into town for a few purchases.  However, the dashing became a meander as the north west side of Montpellier Walk beckoned due to colour and smells.  There was a market on that side of the road and beautiful it was too.  Here are some pictures:

A fantastic fruit and veg stall.  How could anyone avoid these fresh, healthy and colourful diet staples after seeing this?  They even had persimmons, juicy and ripe.

I'd never seen such a selection of wild mushrooms; the locals & visitors were in for a treat.


If you think Mount TBR has firm foundations, you should try Mount Garlic and Mount Shallot.  By now, I wished that I had brought something on wheels to carry a truck load home…


For the sweet of tooth, the nougat selection enticed like an array of cheesecake for devotees with added 'chew' facilities.


The fresh 'noodles-to-go' tempted many and do you blame them?  Just look at this.  (Even if the longer 'oh-so-British' queue was for the roast pork sandwich with extensive trimmings.  It was the Italians who suffered in the end.  I blame absence of pasta for the dish in hand, however good it looked and however delicious the olfactory hits…)

Then from France we had the usual bakery staples.  (I can confirm Le Flan was delicious and also walked away with a loaf of rye bread: not easy to lay your hands on in the UK, so a treat for me, for tomorrow…)


Later, and back at LitFest base, there may have been sun as the children enjoyed (and very vocally, God bless 'em) some Punch & Judy in the park, but autumn was upon us as I picked up my first conker since childhood, and cleaned it with loving care…


I ate lunch looking over the Festival site and here is my view of it.  I had a couple of hours to kill, but it proved too cold on the park bench, even with the view and my hat…


So I went for another coffee and was diverted by a tent from Highland Park Whisky in conjunction with Canongate books.  HPW offered samples of the draught as Canongate authors delivered readings of their tomes.  More on that tomorrow…

It was a good day and I'm glad I picked the events I did as I was not disappointed, and I was more than pleased in the end.  I'd have bought more books if time allowed, but queueing takes precedence for a decent seat.  Having said that, my notebook has my future book orders well-recorded and what a great day!

More tomorrow, folks!



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