It's a crime! (Or a mystery…)

Acts of Violence – Ryan David Jahn from MNW on 6 November

RDJAOV It arrived in the mail yesterday, totally unexpected.  I thought I'd take a peek in bed last night before continuing with my current reading.  I had nearly finished Acts of Violence by this afternoon and then, I really, really had to go out.  I'll finish it tonight, no doubt.  No doubt at all.  (Using the new reading specs I picked up this afternoon.)

Will Atkins at Macmillan New Writing has found some fine authors with this venture and he adds to that list with Ryan David Jahn.  More next week on this one.  (Taking a day out to the Cheltenham LitFest on Saturday.  Telling a neighbour about that one earned me the nickname "Away Day Tart" this afternoon…)

Many thanks to the wonderful Sophie for this copy and congratulations to Will on his recent, well-deserved promotion at Macmillan.  Will has a special brief for new authors and crime fiction; both are areas in which he excels.



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