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Frankfurt Book Fair 2009 – Summary No. 1

The Frankfurt Book Fair is underway and no, I am not there.  Luckily, The Bookseller is and earlier today I downloaded their first BooksellerDaily publication which you see by clicking here.  In the meantime, this is a summary from crime and thriller fiction-related entries:

  • Maria Rejt at Pan Macmillan has bought British and Commonwealth rights to Scott Turow's sequel of Presumed Innocent.  It follows the follows the developments in the lives of the characters 22 years later and will be published in May 2010.
  • In 2011, Pan Mac will publish the first in an Arctic-set crime series from Melanie McGrath, called White Heat.  It features a female Inuit detective.
  • Century and Arrow publisher, Kate Elton has bought world English rights to The Editor by journalist J. A. Osborne.  The debut has been described as "terrifying and utterly compelling" and features a female heroine in the form of the FBI's Dana Whitestone on the case of a serial killer re-enacting famous murders from the twentieth century.  Due: spring 2011.
  • In the fiction charts, it appears that the French, Italians and the Danish love a Larsson (Stieg) as much as the Brits, although topping the Danish chart at the moment is a title from Sweden's Camilla Lackberg which translates as "The German Brat".  The Germans are not without a thumbs up to crime fiction however, as Simon Beckett's Whispers of the Dead comes in at number two.  This was beaten to the number one slot by Charlotte Roche's Wetlands, a novel argued as being erotica, extreme feminism or downright depravity, but never a combination of any of the three.
  • Lastly, there's an advert for MAXCRIME from John Blake Publishing which features the impending title Old Dogs from Donna Moore (April 2010).

See the link above to read the rest.  (Downloading the pdf is simple by the way and leads to an easier read.)



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