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FM Belfast – How to Make Friends

FMB It turns out that when Yrsa Sigurðardóttir travels, she does more than promote and publicise her own talent.  At Harrogate earlier this year, she thrust a CD in my hand, insisting I have it.  Another little bit of nice weather arrived later today and anyone sharing the same oxygen was again thinking that everyone near should listen to their blasted and blasting music.  But before I hit the play button for another run of the same CD, I thought I'd try the one Yrsa gave me and do some Google research.

FM Belfast is an Icelandic group, called an electro group, whatever that means.  (The music does sound predominantly electronic.)  You can find the album on here where you can download MP3 files.  More on the group at this blog, which says that 4,000 copies have been sold in Iceland.  As at 1 July 2009, the population of Iceland stood at just over 319,000.

It's certainly quirky, with lyrics in English.  Not the sort of thing I'd have chosen to buy, but I'll give it three rounds to see if something completely new grabs me; there's definitely a chance on the first track.  Anyone passing outside who can hear it will think it's being played by someone at least twenty years younger, I'd guess.  Not sure if that's good for my street-cred or not…


2 comments on “FM Belfast – How to Make Friends

  1. Dorte H
    August 21, 2009

    Oh, this reminds me of a school fellow who saw a Danish entertainer at our bus station. She followed him into a shop where he bought some strawberry candy. She bought some too, and she was so disappointed when she discovered they didn´t even taste good 😀

  2. cfr
    August 21, 2009

    In all fairness, I am now into track one, the name of the album.

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