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Some tins for Dorte

To ensure that Dorte never runs out of tins for her "Bait in the Box" quizes, here is my contribution of two:

First a very British tin.  It's one that holds "curiously strong mints" at Marks and Spencer.


Secondly, from the Netherlands, a tin that holds cocoa.  I loved this tin when I saw it in the Albert Heijn supermarket in Amsterdam last year.  I think it's quite beautiful and should be on display in my kitchen as opposed to in the cupboard.


Lastly, on the topic of Dutch cocoa and things foody, I believe it was Clarissa Dickson Wright of Two Fat Ladies fame who praised the Dutch for the quality of their cocoa.  Apparently, it's the only thing they're good for in the culinary world.  Or was, anyway.   Because I'd like to bring her up to date.

SN850202 Today's telly chefs, when making something involving vanilla and not scraping out a pod or two, they are always at pains to tell us that we should avoid essence and go for a good extract.

You will often see a bottle of this on their shelves.

It's from Leeuwarden.  In the Netherlands.

And my apologies that the pics are wobbly.  When depressing the button on the camera, I also have a tendency to drop my whole hand.

One comment on “Some tins for Dorte

  1. Dorte H
    April 27, 2009

    DJ was here!
    Thanks a lot, they are much appreciated – and the Dutch one is lovely 😀

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