John Baker’s new novel Winged with Death

WWDJB John Baker's new novel from Flambard Press entitled Winged with Death is about to be published in March (April on Amazon).

Here's another cover that I consider to be quite original and refreshing.  It's great to have some interesting art work over digitally altered and recycled photography.  I love the fact that we have some green on a crime fiction cover for a change.  But to prevent the erroneous thought that this might be a spring publication of a horticultural text, those characters add a layer of darkness that oozes menace.  It looks like the grim reaper leading the recently shrouded-dead in a tango.  And yes, the tango does feature; here's the synopsis:

In 1972, 18-year-old Frederick Boyle arrives by ship in the heat and dust of Montevideo, Uruguay. Equipped with little more than a phrase book and a few pesos, he quickly finds himself renamed Ramon Bolio. Uruguay is a country on the brink of dictatorship and as Ramon finds friends within the resistance movement and marvels at the beautiful girls, the world around him is changing rapidly. Then one night he discovers the tango and begins the long process of becoming a Milonguero – a master of the dance.

Looking back on this time many years later from a new life in York, Ramon finds himself at the heart of a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a teenage girl. He reflects on the threads that link the past to the present, of how the people and events from his time in Uruguay have shaped his life. Winged with Death is a novel about time and tango and revolution, abduction and denial.

How good to see an independent publisher applying originality.  The novel's plot sounds original too.  More on this one in April, when John will also be guest-blogging here.


4 thoughts on “John Baker’s new novel Winged with Death

  1. Maxine

    It has a look of Colin Cotterill about the artwork (Quercus). Each of his books has a colour wash – 4 books in the UK have been blue, yellow/orange, pink and green. What next, one wonders?
    I do wonder if they share a designer, though?

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