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The New Doctor Who Announced

MSDW It's to be Matt Smith.  He will be the youngest Doctor, at 26 years of age.  The BBC, recognising that he may have a limited audience thus far, has kindly listed the previous roles he has played here in an article entitled "Who is Matt Smith?"

The photo is from the BBC site and I have to say, he may be young, but he looks the part already.  Perhaps he'll be playing the part as a sort of super-techno-geek without the negative aspects of geekiness?  Someone who could even enhance and develop the powers of the sonic screwdriver?

Dr Who mania is experienced across the generations; but you know you're getting older when the latest one is of an age that he could be your son…


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  1. Helene
    January 4, 2009

    Wait and see. That’s what I thought when I learnt Matt Smith would be the next Doctor. Even if he’s a bit young. I hope we will avoid the romance between this Doctor and his companion. That’s part of why I loved the duo David Tennant / Catherine Tate.

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