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The New Dr Who

News just in earlier today - in an epsiode of Dr Who Confidential on BBC1 tomorrow, 3 Jan, at 17:35 the actor to play the new regenerated Dr Who will be announced.

Look at these carefully chosen words from new Head of Drama at BBC Wales, Piers Wenger, on CBBC Newsround:

"We are so pleased to have been able to cast this person as the new Doctor.

"We believe the actor is going to bring something very special to the role and will make it absolutely their own – I just can't wait to tell everyone who it is – it has been a nail biting Christmas trying to keep this under wraps!"

Note the lack of clue – or attempt to deliberately hide – the sex of the actor.  I will not be surprised if this Dr turns out to be a woman!

Casting was confirmed over Christmas and filming of the 2010 series with the new Doc begins in the summer 2009.  The last of Tennant's four "specials" is expected to air in early 2010 and filming for this starts later in Jan (for which Tennant is expected to be ready after his back surgery).

PJTK The hot tip this year is that we will see the first black Dr Who, with three names in the running led by actor Paterson Joseph.  Joseph has been in two previous episodes of Dr Who – a good start – as well as recently in Survivors and previously in Casualty and William & Mary as well as some crime faves such as Dalziel and Pascoe, Silent Witness, A Touch of Frost, and Waking the Dead.  But I first noticed this actor back in 2001 in William Boyd's Armadillo.  As they say in Barry (or Gavin & Stacey): "Lush he is, too".  Lovely expressive eyes and with muscles a Doc could well need.

So if they don't break the mould and regenerate the Doc into a woman for a (long-outstanding and very brave) change, I'll be more than happy with Paterson Joseph.  I hope I won't be disappointed.  But if it is PJ, I won't be; he's a great actor and he will make Dr Who his own.

Names in the frame have included, in addition to Joseph: James Nesbitt (ever Nesbittly-samey-bland); John Simm (bland); David Morrissey (bland until I saw him in the Dr Who Christmas Special and started an on-screen love affair – but not too deep, you understand; and I don't see him as the Doc either).

Ooh, it's so exciting.  I now have to plan my hours before the 17:35 show tomorrow…

(Photo of Paterson Joseph by Tristram Kenton from The Guardian website.)


4 comments on “The New Dr Who

  1. cfr
    January 3, 2009

    I will update for you, but I may be a tad late as I am going out and might not be back in time for the show.
    Isn’t it great that we have different tastes! 😉
    I will be sad to see Tennant go, but he’s making the move at the right time for him, I think.

  2. Helene
    January 3, 2009

    That’s the kind of time where I hate being unable to watch the BBC. I hope you will update this post as soon as you know the name! 😉 Just love Doctor Who (I’ve been to the exhibition in London) and can’t think of somebody replacing David Tennant. But I’m sure the next one will be great too. I leave you David Morrissey as I’ve already an on-screen love affair with your “bland” John Simm. 😉

  3. Helene
    January 3, 2009

    Don’t worry. I’ll browse the internet and find an answer. But thanks for the idea.
    PS: have a great day and night out!

  4. cfr
    January 3, 2009

    Helene, you may have found your answer ahead of my update, but there is a new post about the announcement.
    And thanks, I had a good afternoon out and achieved what I intended(purchasing a pair of MBT trainers at a decent sale price – apparently they are good for your back, knees and posture, as well as toning up your core abdominal muscles, thigh and bum muscles).
    What a shame the train home was late, as it always tends to be on that line, but I was never going to make the Dr Who Confidential programme anyway. I asked a neighbour to let me know the outcome, but he got sidetracked by some football match. Doh! Luckily we have the internet for catching up on all sorts of things!
    Have a great 09 Helene! Four Dr Who specials to look forward to, although one of them will air in early 2010… But I’m sure that Tennant will deliver his best performances yet, going out on a high.

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