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I could have been watching Strictly Come Dancing earlier, but this has become my Saturday night and weekend mode: catch up on who is out of Strictly by way of Digital Spy's forums after 22:30 and then watch the main show later (in the week) on Virgin's available replay service with the luxury of fast-forwarding over Brucie's (sad) gags and (intrusive) ramblings, as well as Tess Daly's bland presence.

(Not that I hate Tess, I don't.  I read an interview with her in the Daily Mail last week and I love her; she has to be the most grounded person on TV today, full of common sense and reality, and good on her.  I don't know if it's the "Brucie Bullions" calling the shots here, but she needs more time on air to reflect her true personality, which is great!)

Then I could have watched The X Factor, but I am already bored.  My late mother had the phrase "A belter and nothing else".  (We know these things in Wales and Simon Cowell could do with a visit, to get him up to speed.)  As far as I can see, there are too many pure belters on there and the rest is made up with "Have I left school yet?" candidates to seek the audience's soft spots.  (Think whipped double cream in a bag, or your own middle-aged spread, if older.)

And then we move on to "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here!" which has been a bit of fun thus far – thanks to the reason I watch stuff like this: celebs have massive egos, so how will they get on and interact? - but I am bored again.  Forget the "challenges", I want to see the claws out on the "who will be voted out" sessions.  When will this happen?  I need to diarise, busy bee that I am.

Then on the TV schedules it's The X Factor result.  Can I be bothered?  Yes.  Enough to Google it for a quick response.  But not to watch it live.

Yes, in the run up to Christmas we are in reality TV heaven and hell and some might say "Forget the books", but here on It's a Crime! we do not forget the books and encourage you to do the same.  Forget "Get Dancing" on Strictly; this is all about "Get Reading" for entertainment.  And a book lasts a lot longer than a TV episode.

Over and out.


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