It's a crime! (Or a mystery…)

Chris Ewan at the National Geographic…

CEA When not writing about his protag Charlie picking locks and various other things burglary, Chris Ewan writes about Amsterdam, the setting for his first novel in Charlie’s series, at the National Geographic, no less.  (The article came about because someone from NG found Chris here and left a comment.  I notified Chris and the rest is history.)

Chris has also started blogging.  Well, the Good Thief’s Guide to… can take you anywhere, so this is another blog to watch and bookmark.

Charlie’s next outing will be in Paris; it’s written and with the publisher, so expect it to hit your bookshelves in early 2009.  Chris told me at CrimeFest in Bristol that he’s taken some time out from the series to write an homage to his crime writing hero Chandler, because he felt he needed to do that.  But Charlie lives on, so watch this space and Chris’s own blog.

Once introduced to Charlie, it’s hard to forget him and oh so easy to want more of him.  Chris has indeed coined a character that we want more of.



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