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More books to come…

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it can also be limiting.  Unfortunately, the book reviews I typed up over the Christmas period (on a lap top) will need to be re-typed.  My PC does not like the disc I used to try and transfer them and neither is it successful in formatting any of the discs I have, to try and start again.  Thus I will be re-typing these, when I can, over the next couple of weeks.

3 comments on “More books to come…

  1. Maxine
    February 16, 2008

    Have you tried saving to your desktop, and then opening from there?
    Let me know if I can advise, not that my technical expertise is that humongous, but I’d be happy to help if I can…

  2. krimileser
    February 17, 2008

    Do you have you access with both computers to your TypePad account ? If so, you could depose the reviews with the lap top (if it can read the disc) and fetch them with the PC (I did a similar thing recently with wordpress because my PC was so old that it didn’t accept memory sticks). BTW: Did you try restorage on a memory stick ?
    Good Luck

  3. crimeficreader
    February 17, 2008

    I didn’t think of a memory stick! What a good idea. If I’m lucky I just might manage to purchase one later today. And yes, the lap top is not internet enabled.
    Thanks for the heads up. I’m really a bit behind with this technology stuff!

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