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Jonathan Buckley – So He Takes The Dog

Thedog I have a friend I’ve previously invited to write some book reviews for this site.  Alas, he has declined my kind offer, (more than once), saying that he could not possibly write them as well as I do.  Such a lovely compliment, but total rubbish.  If only he could get the words that come out of his mouth into text format, many would benefit from his insights, as I’d be more than happy to post them here.  We don’t have exactly the same taste but I do respect his opinions.  So why am I saying all this alongside Jonathan Buckley’s “So He Takes the Dog”?

Well, my friend phoned me this week and said this novel is probably the best crime fiction novel he’s read in the last two or three years.

He does not rate the title, but explained that it relates to the early part of the novel.  An elderly couple are always arguing and this results in the man going out for a walk with the dog – so he takes the dog for a walk…  On one particular occasion they find a body.

My friend also considered the novel to be quite original.

There’s more information on Harper’s site and in the link above for Amazon.

Jonathan Buckley is also the man who wrote the Rough Guides to Venice and Florence.

As for “So He Takes the Dog“, I feel I really have to get my hands on a copy now.


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  1. Maxine
    March 17, 2007

    Sounds good — it is going on my list!

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