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A frightener…

I may have been inclined to make a post this evening, but then a wasp came through the gap that is the open window, into the small room, that is my study.  He/she may be on their last legs, and/or with a final sting to kill, but I’m not going to wait around.  The wasp and I don’t make comfortable company.   A novel from Laurie R. King’s "Kate Martinelli" series makes excellent company.  Please excuse me if I leave the room and leave the wasp to its own devices, pursuing other interests.

Waspie is a real and present threat, to more than my waistline, and I hate real one-to-one conflict scenarios.  Waspie can have the study.  I’ll take the bedroom and the Martinelli and then some sleep.  It seems right.  It also seems to be good conflict avoidance on my part.  At times like this, I’m not so sure about the David and Goliath story…


2 comments on “A frightener…

  1. Clare
    July 18, 2006

    Yes, apparently wasp deaths are on the increase too I read somewhere – must have been the BBC website. So wise decision.

  2. crimeficreader
    July 18, 2006

    I’m sad to say that I believe the wasp died. I am yet to find the body, though. But perhaps he/she escaped out the window when I was asleep in another room with two intervening doors closed.
    But, I am now comfortable. I hope the wasp is too.
    And I have access to the PC, which is the most important feature in my life at the moment (elongated)!

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