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Summer crime and thrillers

It’s a lovely summer’s day and there’s a World Cup football match starting in less than an hour.  Some of us may not be too hooked on the football.  When it’s over, and Wimbledon come to that, there’s the holiday season…

For crime and thriller fiction fans, The Times has come up with two lists to help.  Firstly crime, as reviewed by Marcel Berlins and secondly, thrillers, as reviewed by Peter Millar.  There are other lists too and you can find them on the main Summer Reading page.

Interestingly, The Times also carries an article that unpublished authors might find useful.  It’s about promoting your book on the net when you have no marketing budget.  You can find that one here.  The article includes a link to the site about the book, but you’ll have to insert the first "e" into the "together" part of site addy to get there, unless they correct the link on the page on The Times’s site.


2 comments on “Summer crime and thrillers

  1. Maxine
    July 2, 2006

    I buy the Times each day but only got around to reading this Saturday edition this morning (Sunday). As soon as I read that marketing story I thought about posting on it but you’ve beaten me to it — with my schedule, thanks!
    I was quite relieved that there weren’t any crime/thrillers that I wanted to read in the round-ups, apart from the Simon Beckett, which is in my TBR pile. Have already read the Jack Reacher one (Lee Child interview in same supplement), it’s good — if you like Child you’ll like it, if you don’t you wont, same formula as all the others.

  2. crimeficreader
    July 2, 2006

    I have to be honest Maxine, many names on there were new to me – which means I’ll have to take a closer look, just in case I’m missing something that I’d love. But my TBR pile is burgeoning, to say the least. Plus I have a schedule of sorts, as I’ve promised to highlight Laurie R. King’s “Kate Martinelli” series by 1 September, as her books are beng relaunched in the UK with a new publisher, Poisoned Pen Press.
    I owned one in the series, but had not read it. Then a reading friend, who posts here occasionally, egged me on into starting at the beginning, because he thought I’d like the series. Too damn right! I loved the first in that series, being “A Grave Talent”. Superb writing, but I’m holding back on saying more at this stage, as I wish to feature the whole series of five books by September. Based on “A Grave Talent” alone, I believe the series will be a whole set of intelligent and wonderful crime reads.
    Do pick up your copy of Simon Beckett soon, Maxine; some said they saw the end coming, blissfully I didn’t – not quite anyway… I had to suspend reality though. If you’re familiar with the workings of one particular organisation, one element of the plot may not hold true for you. A good story, well told, nonetheless.

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